Sunday, 29 July 2007

Ignorance Is Ignorance

This weekend my band (redcarsgofaster) recorded some songs in a studio. Having heard then too many times to pass judgment on them, I am posting them to you, the blogosphere, for your opinions. Hvae a listen and if you think they suck, or don't suck, or if you would like more bass in the monitor please say so.

In fact, if you have anything to say, say it; I'm all ears.

The songs:


2.Hammer Into Anvil

3.The Punchline

Wednesday, 18 July 2007

A Lazy, Lazy Update

Heart Yeah/Fury Of The Head Teachers/Ormondyrod/Strange Death Of Liberal England @ The Leadmill
Calf By Calf/Actionier/Heart Yeah @ The Grapes
La Chambre/Trinity/Wolf Eyes @ Corporation

This update is going to very dull. Serioulsy, really boring. To sum up my last week or so of gigs:

  • Heart/Yeah = Brilliant
  • Fury Of The Head Teachers = Fast
  • Wolf Eyes = Noisey
  • Calf By Calf = Lightning Bolt
  • Strange Death Of Liberal England = Needless Signs
End of blog. Told you it would be boring.

Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Heavy Rocks

Lovvers/No Age/Mika Miko @ The Red House, 27/6
Boris @ Corporation, 29/6

I'm sure Lovvers get sick of being described as "Ex-The Murder Of..." so I'm going to avoid mentioning it. Except for just then. Lovvers are equal parts Nation Of Ulysses sassy punk rock and Birthday Party feedback driven post-punk. The song "The Boys' Club" would have been the sassiest thing I heard all night were it not for Mika Miko's second vocalist. She was dead sassy when she sang through her telephone mic, but not sassy enough to bring down the whole band. Have I used the word "sassy" enough? Probably. Anyway, Mika Miko put on a really good show - good enough for some mosh and a lone crowd surf. And that's good enough for me. If you (anyone?) reads this before they've gone back to America, go and see them on tour. This is their myspace. Here. No Age were a bit disappointing. It was either not loud enough or not focused enough. Probably the second one. There were some good parts floating around but they didn't seem focused enough. Enough of my poor journalism, on with the mp3s.

Here is the first side of Lovvers' 7":
Lovvers - A Good Book
Lovvers - White Lines

And here is my list of observations about Boris:

1. They are all from Japan.
2. They guitarist is a short Japanese woman, and consequently is smaller than the amp she uses.
3.She can wail, not unlike Cassandra from Crucial Taunt.
4. Boris' drummer has a headset mic mainly so he can shout "COME ON!" and "YEAH!" at any available moment.
5. He also has a gong.
6. And a penchant for stage diving.
7. They do really long drone bits, but also really good metal riffs.
8. Their bassist plays a double-necked bass/guitar.

I urge you to get a copy of last year's album "Pink". Try and get the Southern Lord edition - the last song is a lot longer than the version on the Japanese pressing.